Ajax Hub +, white, panel only, up to 150 devices, 99 users. Communication: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G. Backup battery 2Ah incl.



Second-generation intelligent control panel with four communication channels, powerful new processor, triple RAM memory capacity, and doubled flash memory capacity. The Hub Plus monitors the operation of all Ajax detectors and instantly alerts the owner and the security company. Uses Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 3G, and 2G to send alarms to central station and system owner. Sends notification of power failure and operates for up to 16 hours on battery backup. Checks the operation of the detectors at least every 12 seconds. Maximum number of devices connected to the hub: 150. Video surveillance: Up to 50 cameras or DVRs. Maximum number of users: 99. Maximum number of rooms: 50. Maximum number of groups: 25. Communication channels: Ethernet, Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz, 2G, 3G. Communication with the CMS: CID, SIA. Dimensions: 163x163x36mm. Weight: 350gr.

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