Ajax Hub 2, noir, panneau seulement, jusqu’à 100 appareils, 50 utilisateurs. Communication : Ethernet, 2x 2G SIM. Batterie de secours 2Ah incl.


Manages the security system with clearing of alarms. Transmits photos from MotionCam detectors. Automatic notification of the central monitoring station. Full system control in one application. Communicates via 3 independent channels. Maximum number of devices that can be connected to the hub: 100. Video surveillance support: Up to 25 cameras or DVRs. Maximum number of users: 50. Maximum number of rooms: 50. Maximum number of security groups: 9. Support for MotionCam detectors. Communication channels: Ethernet, two 2G SIM cards. CMS connectivity: Contact ID, SIA. Size: 163x163x36mm. Weight: 362gr.

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