Ajax WallSwitch. The radio channel controller allows remote control of household appliances. Power supply: 110-230V – 50 / 60Hz. Dimensions 39x33x18mm


WallSwitch is used to turn irons, water heaters and thermal insulated floors on and off and to open or close garage doors. With a single click in the mobile app, the device turns household appliances on and off. The device turns off automatically in the event of overcurrent, overvoltage and overheating. Information on energy consumption is available in the mobile application. Operating modes: Pulse (firmware version or higher), Bistable. Contact Status: (Firmware version or higher): Normally Open, Normally Closed. Adjustable pulse duration (firmware version or higher): 0.5 – 255s. Dimensions: 39x33x18mm. Weight 30gr. Certification: CE

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