Ajax Pir Noir is a passive infrared (PIR) detector that analyzes movements within a radius of 12 meters based on infrared changes occurring in the detection field. If a person is in the detection range, this results in a change in the infrared spectrum causing an alarm output to be excited. PIR detectors have a number of curtain fields. As a result, the sensitivity of the detector remains the same whether the distance is small or large, and there is continuous effective detection, even when obstacles are present.


Ajax detectors are insensitive to pets up to approximately 20 kg. The sensitivity is adjustable for each detector. This is necessary for homes where pets are present to prevent unwanted alarms from triggering. The Ajax Hub and detectors use a multi-layered link to protect against detector tampering and jamming and / or loss of the radio signal. This two-way communication with the addressed detectors ensures the integrity of the system. Each data transfer between Ajax Hub and the detector is transmitted in the form of small data packets. These data are encrypted according to a patented algorithm, based on AES technology. Cracking the code takes so much time and energy that it is totally unrealistic to do it.

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