Ajax MultiTransmitter, black, A module that allows the integration of third-party wired devices into the Ajax system. 18 zones wired NO, NC, EOL. Dimensions: 196x238x100mm


By replacing your old central security unit and adding this module you can connect all your wired devices to a hub and fully integrate them into the Ajax system. MultiTransmitter has 18 hardwired zones, each of which can be configured in the Ajax application. The detectors connected to the different zones can remain active 24/7, operate with an entry or exit delay, trigger a siren if necessary and be integrated into automation scenarios. Supported detector contact types NO, NC (without R), EOL (NC with R), EOL (NO with R). Value of the EOL resistor 1k to 7.5k. Type of battery supported Battery with a capacity of 4 or 7Ah (not included). Dimensions: 196x238x100mm. Weight 805g

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